What’s the story?

It’s my story, told through bicycles.

What can you expect?

Obviously there’s going to be a lot about cycling in it, many kinds of cycling from racing to mountain biking to being a courier to riding for days without sleep. Also just riding around town, as a way to get from A to B. Or as a way of avoiding talking to people. Or meeting new people.

And there will also be a lot about me in here. I figured I needed to get some of this down now, before my memory of the early days became too blurred. Sometimes the cycling will take the foreground, sometimes a bike is just a way of getting around while I do something else. A big part of this is wanting to capture the flavour of parts of my moderately varied life for my son, Baxter. It’s kind of a way of saying 1) You can’t do much wrong before you’re thirty b) Follow your passions for as long as you can - then keep going.

I am nothing special on a bike, I haven’t won much, I haven’t ridden a unicycle from the moon to mars, I’m not recovering from a near-fatal accident. I am recovering from modern life, one ride at a time.